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HQPlayer Desktop 5.6.1, многоканальный HD-аудиоплеер, multichannel audio player
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Signalyst HQPlayer Desktop


описание (ru) HQPlayer Desktop высококачественный, многоканальный HD-аудио плеер для повышения частоты дискретизации. Имеет целый набор высококачественных алгоритмов увеличения / понижения частоты, дизеринга / формирования шумов. Во всех современных ЦАП используется увеличение частоты / передискретизация, однако аппаратная реализация является весьма ограниченной. Повышение качества апсемплинга происходит за счет высокой вычислительной мощности современных компьютеров.

description (en) HQPlayer Desktop is a high quality audio player for Windows, Linux and macOS. HQPlayer also features several selectable high quality upsampling and downsampling algorithms as well as selectable dither, noise shaping and modulator algorithms.

All modern DACs employ oversampling and delta-sigma modulation, however the hardware implementations are more or less resource constrained. Higher quality oversampling and delta-sigma modulation can be done by utilizing vast mount of processing power available in modern PCs. Many AVRs also resample internally to 48, 96 or 192 kHz, with the HQPlayer, these can be fed at the native rate.

Want to buy 192/24 or DXD files for future but currently own only 96/24 capable hardware? Or want to buy DSD128 or DSD256 files but currently own only DSD64 or 192/24 PCM capable hardware? Resampling and dither/noise shaper can be used to playback high resolution files on a lower resolution hardware, allowing future-proof investment on high resolution files.

For digital room correction and other equalization purposes, selectable convolution algorithms are included. Convolution engine supports RIFF (WAV) format FIR impulse responses, which can be produced with suitable software, such as Acourate, Room EQ Wizard + rePhase, Audiolense, or DRC.

Supported source formats:
▲ CDDA (Audio CD)
▲ DSDIFF (DFF, non-compressed)
▲ RIFF (WAV, including DXD/RF64)
▲ RAW streams
Supported playlist formats:
▲ M3U / M3U8
▲ Software upsampling / downsampling with selectable algorithm up to 32-bit 1.536 MHz or down to 16-bit 32 kHz PCM (25 options, most "apodizing")
▲ Delta-Sigma modulators for upsampling PCM/DSD content up to 49.152 MHz 1-bit SDM (24 oversampling options)
▲ Selectable dithering / noise shaping algorithm (7 options)
▲ Selectable convolution algorithm (FIR) for equalization, such as digital room correction (2 options), for PCM/DSD content
▲ Optional high-frequency expansion for the convolution engine
▲ Software-based digital volume control for PCM and SDM (DSD)
▲ Playback of DSF/DSDIFF files through any supported audio interface (PCM conversion and DSD rate conversion)
▲ Selectable algoritm and noise filters for DSF/DSDIFF PCM playback (7 / 6 options)
▲ Native/direct playback of DSF/DSDIFF files (ASIO DSD, DoP v1.1 with both 0x05/0xFA and 0x06/0xF9 markers)
▲ Playback of stereo, 2.1, 3.0, quadrophonic, 3.1, 5.0, 5.1 and 7.1 channel material
▲ Speaker configuration for multichannel playback (delay and level) for PCM and SDM (DSD)
▲ Matrix processing for routing, filtering and mixing channels with gain, for PCM/DSD content
▲ Bypasses operating system software mixer and sample rate conversion
▲ Support for professional ASIO drivers
▲ Network endpoint support with Signalyst Asynchronous Network Audio Adapters
▲ Support for ID3v2 tags on AIFF, DSF and WAV files (versions 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4)
▲ Smooth level limiter for clipped material
▲ "Dual wire" channel bonding support to reach 2x rates, PCM and DoP (DSD)
▲ 64/80-bit floating point processing
▲ Full support for multi-core processors
▲ Light weight desktop-GUI to lower graphics noise
▲ Touch-GUI for use with tablets or laptops with touch screen.
▲ DSP offload to GPU using NVIDIA CUDA

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: www.signalyst.com
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HQPlayer Pro

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Группа: Администраторы

Сообщений: 31.571
version Desktop 5.6.1

Не работает ссылка? Пишите в теме, обновим :)! Link not working? Let us know in the comments, we'll fix it!

Трудно найти слова, когда действительно есть что сказать. Э.М. Ремарк