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iClone Pro 8.2, Программа для создания 3D-анимации
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Reallusion iClone Studio Pro


Продвинутая программа для создания 3D-анимации с множеством готовых обьектов (3D-персонажей и т.д.). Можно использовать для лиц 3D-героев цифровые фотографии реальных людей.
В iClone есть также большая библиотека движений, которые можно задавать персонажам. Но самая интересная возможность программы - использовать для лиц 3D-героев фотографии реальных людей. Для этого используется запатентованная технология FaceTrix, превращающая фотографию в 3D.

SoftoRooM SoftoRooM

SoftoRooM SoftoRooM

Full Feature
Easy to create a photo-realistic 3D Head Standard Studio
Face Fitting - Customize your own 3D Head by importing one photo and mapping it to the 3D head template using the easy fitting wizard.

Custom Hair - Adjust hair size and easily design your own 3D hair color.

Photo Enhancement - iClone provides smart colors and auto levels to help enhance any photo without the need for an external photo editor.

Custom Eyes - Select from eye templates inside the custom eye library featuring many colors, alien effects, cartoon eyes, etc.

3D Face Shaping - 3D face shaping tools modify your characters eyes, nose, ears, and face shape letting your 3D avatar become more beautiful or cartoon-like.

Texture Editor - Edit the mapped facial texture of any 3D head to improve blemishes or add paint effects.

Custom Teeth - Select from teeth templates inside the custom teeth library featuring many normal teeth, animal teeth, or monster teeth styles.

Add talking facial animation to any 3D head

Emotion - Assign instant emotion templates including happy, angry, and sad.

Scenario Template - Assign an emotive scenario template with pre-designed mood based vocal and facial expression.

Record Voice - Using your PC microphone to record your voice and iClone will automatically lip-sync the audio with facial animation to your character.

Support CT Face jpeg - CrazyTalk models can be saved as Reallusion JPEGs including the facial fitting data so you can save time by importing prefit faces from CrazyTalk to iClone. Sharing data is easy between CrazyTalk and iClone.

Launch CrazyTalk - If you have installed CrazyTalk 4.01, you can launch CT4 for CTS voice script animation editing from iClone (Purchase of CrazyTalk 4.01 required.)

Load CTS - Using CrazyTalk CTS voice scripts lets your avatar have more emotion. You can load CrazyTalk CTS audio script file for the perfect lip-sync result.

Customize iClone Avatars Standard Studio

Figure Modify - Figure function lets your avatar become strong, tall or fat.

Design your own clothing - you can adjust upper body, lower body and shoes color or launch your preferred external image editor software (i.e. Photoshop) to paint or add graphics to clothing.

Realistic Motion - iClone provides realistic motion making avatars dance, walk, flex or perform everyday motion.

Gesture - Use the hand animation or static hand poses to assign gestures to your avatars with control over individual hands.

Skin Tone -You can customize the avatar skin. Skin tone is automatically assigned using a sampling from your fitted face.

Direct Your Own Movie Standard Studio

Accessories - Add various accessories to your avatar with assignable body position.

Camera Effect - Apply animated camera effects or adjust camera focal length.

Lighting Effect - Adjust light color, lighting angle, and apply animated light templates.

Shadow Effect - iClone provides shadow opacity and blur. You can select drop or wall shadows.

Ambient Lighting - You can tune the ambient light to alter the overall lighting strength.

3D Scene - iClone provides varied 3D environments for dance, adventure, and performance all supporting the ability to import different 3D props to compose your 3D world.
Multimedia Output Standard Studio
Screensaver - iClone project files support iClone Screensaver. You can have a 3D interactive screensaver using any iClone project.

Image Output - Image file exports BMP, Jpeg, TGA, and Gif

Image Sequence Output - Image Sequence supports Gif animation and BMP, Jpeg, TGA sequence. Power users can export Image Sequences for use in post-production editing software.

Video Output - Video Output includes Avi, RM, WMV, Mpeg4

MMS Output - MMS supports 120x120, 240x240, 4 frames mobile mms file.

3GP and Mpeg4 - Mobile video supports Nokia, Motorola and Panasonic series mobile phones that can play 3gp or Mpeg4.

Efficiency Tools Standard Studio

Shortcut Tools Menu - Shortcut Tools menu helps you quickly access individual key functions.

Quick Camera Switch - Camera switch helps you switch Top, Right, Left, Face, and Front camera views faster using hotkeys.

File Manager - File Manager helps you manage iClone content. File Manager is a convenient tool to assist you in managing complete iClone avatar, motion, props, etc.

Time Setting - Looping media control allows the shorter-length media loop along with the longer media.

If you have a 3 minutes of music and a 30-second motion, you can check the motion loop to keep the motion looping until the end of your 3-minute music file.

Music Sync - Match the tempo of your imported music file with the iClone music sync tool.

Professional Tools Standard Studio

iClone Motion Editor -iClone Motion Editor can edit motion and create iClone motion clips . iClone Motion Editor is a powerful motion blender enabling you to create your own customizable motions for use within the iClone application.

iClone 3D Studio Max Plug-in - Max Plug-in can customize your own iClone avatar, scene, props and accessories. You can design iClone content using the iClone 3D Studio Max Plug-in. (Register for the CCD program and download the iClone 3D Studio Max Plug-in for free.)

iClone BVH Motion Converter - BVH converter can convert most BVH motion files. The iClone BVH motion converter expands the potential to build your motion library to unlimited motions.

Specify Render Region - You can specify the render area by pressing the render area button. Use mouse drag to shape a red box, drag on the box line to move the render area.

Reallusion's Effect 3D Studio SCX Files Import - Effect 3D Object Import allows you to add more 3D objects from Reallusion's Effect 3D Studio. (Purchase of Effect 3D Studio required.)

Bonus Standard Studio
2D Background Images
Cstom Music Orchestrations
Sound Effects

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iClone Pro 8.02.0718.1 + crack (patched)

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iClone Pro 8.1.0929.1 + crack (reg)

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Трудно найти слова, когда действительно есть что сказать. Э.М. Ремарк

Группа: Администраторы

Сообщений: 28.383
ver. 8.2.1421.1 + crack (full)

Не работает ссылка? Пишите в теме, обновим :)! Link is not working? Write in the subject line!

Трудно найти слова, когда действительно есть что сказать. Э.М. Ремарк